Simon Balthazar Composer

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True to his Swedish heritage Simon has a natural affinity for melody and a knack for a Good Tune. At the same time he harbours a strong sense of curiosity and excitement about experimentation – from the age of early electronics, tape loops and studio adventures through everything between art rock, underground dance music and minimal classical music. This also extends to the visual arts but especially to cinema.

As a lyricist Simon has been drawn to themes of exploring what our place in the world is and indeed what it even means to be a conscious being. This is expressed in everything from small, personal stories to his latest semi-conceptual album about human evolution and the origin of life.

In 2005 Simon Balthazar left his native Sweden for London and quickly found himself immersed in its music scene. A handful of bedroom demos under the name of ‘Fanfarlo’ quickly turned into live shows at London clubs and at festivals abroad, followed by a string of releases with various underground vinyl labels and eventually an international recording career.

Notable mainstream moments for Fanfarlo include appearances on Late Show with David Letterman and on major film soundtracks (the biggest to date being ‘Twilight’). The band has also undertaken extensive touring to the far reaches of the globe, featuring highlights such as the incorporation of Houdini’s upside-down straitjacket escape stunt in a theatre show in New York.

In 2015 Simon relocated to Mexico City in search of new horizons and is currently pursuing a range of recording and writing projects, fueled by the city’s fertile creative scene.


Fanfarlo – ”Reservoir” (2009)
Fanfarlo – ”Rooms Filled With Light” (2011)
Fanfarlo – ”The Sea EP” (2013)
Fanfarlo – ”Let’s Go Extinct” (2015)
Swoon (2016)