Sage Lewis Composer

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While the Trees Sleep (Short) Sunday Films

Director: Emilie Sabath
Starring: Betsy Moore, Adam McCall, Russ Boyer

The Avocado (Short)

Director: Darwin Serink
Producer: Darwin Serink
Starring: Toneey Acevedo, Shawn Cahill, Jason Catron

6th Floor: Expanding Possibility (Documentary Short) Come What May Productions

Director: Tommee May
Producers: Jessica Hester, Derek Schweickart
Starring: Candace Silvers, Jacob Mondry, Sheila Hughes

Operator Cruze & Company

Director: Logan Kibens
Producers: Aaron Cruze, Logan Kibens
Starring: Martin Starr, Mae Whitman, Nat Faxon
* SXSW Film Festival 2016 World Premiere

The Ground Beneath Their Feet (Documentary) Dadabhoy Films

Director: Nausheen Dadabhoy
Producer: Nausheen Dadabhoy

Aban and Korshid (Short) Rude Truth

Director: Darwin Serink
Producers: Chris Leggett, Tommee May, Candace Silvers
Starring: Mojean Aria, Bobby Naderi

Slab City Prom (Documentary Short)

Director: Jordan Blady
Producers: Jordan Blady, Dominique Porter

Caterwaul (Short)

Director: Ian Samuels
Producer: Brian Higdon
Starring: George Murdock, Robert Rose, Joe Fitzback

Eyes and the Ice (Short)

Director: Ian Samuels
Producer: Mark Levine
Starring: Sean McBride, Michael Massei

Song of Stone (Short)

Director: Sara Pocock
Producers: Sara Pocock


Lost L.A. (3 Episodes) KCET Link

Director: Logan Kibens
Producers: Giulia Caruso, Logan Kibens
Starring: Nathan Masters

Manic (Short)

Director: Kate Marks
Producer: Kimberley Browning
Starring: Dot-Marie Jones, Sydney Sweeney, Nicki Micheaux


The Surrogate (Virtual Reality) VR Playhouse

Director: Peter Flaherty
Producers: Logan Brown, Peter Flaherty
Starring: Olga Fedori, Patrick Mulvey, Jessica Kaye